Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creepy Halloween Jars - Quick and Easy!

Last week my daughter's copy of Ranger Rick arrived in the mail.  We were both excited to see this project in the magazine.

Instead of putting this project in the to do someday file (I have too many projects that my kids and I did not get to already that my grandchildren will be very busy) we did it over the weekend.

You know that person that has just an assortment of odds and ends that will help you complete any project - that is me!  First, we went to the junk room (not what my husband calls it but I don't want to put those words on my blog) where we picked out eight jars of different sizes and shapes.  Next, we used Goo Gone to get rid of all of the sticker residue.  This was the most time consuming part of the project.  Really - where do the manufacturers think the labels are going?  Then we printed out the jar labels.  We had to resize some of the labels to fit our jars.  The oldest daughter took all the jar lids out in the garage to spray paint them black, while the other two and I worked on adhering the labels to our jars using my Xyron. Lastly, we filled the jars.

The magazine had some great suggestions for filling the jars but we changed a few.  For bullfrog blood we used the juice from a jar of maraschino cherries, for the venom some canola oil, for the fur of werewolf some very fuzzy brown yarn that we cut and pulled apart, for the eyes of fish some white beads with black dots from a Sharpie floating in water colored blue and for the rat intestines some yellow and white yarn that had been finger knit three years ago that was just waiting for a project to be included in.  We are still on the hunt for some walnuts in the shell for the crocodile brains.

We put it right out for decoration when were done just adding a little spider web to complete the look.

This was a quick and fun project that we all enjoyed doing - and the best part is we did it instead of putting in the to do pile.